‘Dragon Ball Super’ : Black Goku


The new arc will start on 12th June or episode 47. As confirmed by Akira Toriyama himself Future Trunks will returns as he escapes from the future with his life; from the hands of Black Goku. so The next arc of Dragon Ball Super is looking to be one for the ages.

Of course, since Goku was already dead in Trunk’s initial timeline, it would be quite interesting to see how the anime explains the existence of Black Goku. fans Dragon ball believe that a powerful being in the future most probably figured out a way to resurrect the dead Goku, only to turn him evil.

considering this, the heroes of the anime are in for one seriously big problem. After all, Goku is for sure the strongest among the fighters in the series. Turning a version of him evil will most certainly result in the most epic battles that the series has shown its fans to date.

Creator Akira Toriyama issued a statement about the massive reveal, candidly poking fun at the complexity of the series’ overall narrative.

“There’s some confusing bits with time changing here and there, but just bear with me. It should definitely turn out to be a fun story! Even I haven’t checked the final script yet. Let’s enjoy this together!” he said.

well we are looking forward for the new promised arc , WHAT DO YOU THINK ??