Microsoft is bringing the biggest UI change in Windows to build the Operating System of the future, The Most-Rumored Microsoft’s Project Neon is now finally front of everyone. At build 2017 event company announced “The Microsoft Fluent Design System”, in short, let’s call it “Fluent” because why not?

Fluent will give a big shift to Windows design language, And the main motive to bring The Microsoft Fluent Design System is to give developers access to a single design language to develop Applications and Software which will work well across devices.

To get an idea how this will look in real life Windows YouTube channel released a video, Have a look:

New Fluent design is based on 5 Fundamentals of Microsoft Fluent Design System or you can call them 5 tenets fro developers to build more Creative and Engaging UI applications and software.

  1. Light: Light Controls how the UI interacts with illumination — You’ll see some elements on the screen will start to glow as you hover on them.
  2. Motion: Motion basically brings animation to the operating system and its software and applications.
  3. Scale: Scale takes elements beyond 2 dimensions and resizes them to fit according to screen size.
  4. Depth: Depth tells the detailed information and instructions about elements and relation between elements and objects.
  5. Material: Material changes the texture of User Interface elements Like you can give glass look for some apps.

Have a look some pictures of The Microsoft Fluent Design System UI:

The-Microsoft-Fluent-Design-System-3 The-Microsoft-Fluent-Design-System-5 The-Microsoft-Fluent-Design-System-4

This new big update will arrive in September 2017 and users won’t get this update in one go, According to the company, This update will take time get all applications and software developed according to this new UI.

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